Pre-Geometry Guide App - A comprehensive introduction to geometry in your pocket!


  • More than 300 rules, definitions, and examples
  • A comprehensive introduction to geometry in your pocket
  • Learn the basics of a science that applies to most parts of your daily life


Over 300 rules, definitions and examples! 

Whether you’re playing a computer game or piloting a spaceship, you’re using principles of geometry to guide your decision making. 

Geometry is one of the oldest mathematical science and deals with questions of shape, size, relative position of figures, and properties of space. With geometry, your spatial reasoning, logic and problem solving skills get developed. 

Geometry can be complex science, and many people don’t have an everyday need for its most advanced formulas. However, understanding basic geometry is essential for everyone, because you never know when the ability to understand an angle or figure out the area of a space will come in handy.

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Pre-Calculus Guide - Contains over 300 rules, definitions, and examples

Calculus may not seem very important to you but the lessons and skills you learn will be with for your whole lifetime! Calculus is the mathematical study of continuous change.

It helps you practice and develop your logic/reasoning skills. It throws challenging problems your way which make you think. Although you may never use calculus ever again after school or college, you will definitely hold on to the lessons that calculus teaches you.

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Emergency First Aid & Treatment Guide- #1 Selling Mobile First Aid and Treatment Guide!

Travel smart with a First Aid & Treatment guide at your fingertips!  This guide is packed full of useful information to help you handle & treat common emergencies!

¤¤ Now with the latest 2012 CPR updates for the untrained, trained and Health Care Professionals ¤¤

Don’t waste valuable time trying to search the internet in an emergency.  Our First Aid & Treatment guide
gives you reference to dozens of topics, symptoms and treatments that will help you manage almost any medical emergency quickly, correctly, and safely – all local on your phone!

Topics include everything you need from a mobile first & treatment reference guide. There are even special sections covering what to do for infant and children emergencies, notes for professional healthcare providers, international emergency numbers, and more.

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Disaster Readiness Guide is Now a TOP 10 PAID iPhone REFERENCE APP

Recommended on CNN and in USA Today.

must-have app that will help you and loved ones rebound from almost any DISASTER quickly and safely.

Topics include:

1. Emergency Checklist
2. Create Emergency Plan
3. Emergency Planning 
4. Shelter in Place – What to Do
5. Shelter in Place - Threats
6. Evacuation Procedures – Preparation

7. Terrorism – NTAS Advisory System 
8. Terrorism - Strikes
9. Terrorism – Being Alert
10. Fire – Prevention
11. Fire – Being Prepared
12. Fire – What to Do
13. Wildfire 
14. Wildfire – Safety Zone
15. Wildfire – Home Protection
16. Thunderstorms – Watch / Warning
17. Thunderstorms – Caught Outside
18. Floods & Flash Floods
19. Floods – Watches & Warnings
20. Tsunamis
21. Landslides
22. Winter Storm – Watches & Warnings
23. Winter Storm – Car Safety
24. Tornado – Plans
25. Tornado – Watches & Warnings
26. Hurricane / Cyclone – Plans
27. Hurricane – Watches & Warnings
28. Hurricane – Getting Ready
29. Hurricane – What to Do
30. Heat Wave – Predicted
31. Heat Wave – Occurring
32. Earthquake – Being Prepared
33. Earthquake – What to do 
34. Earthquake – Aftermath

35. Chemical Emergencies – 3 Ways
36. Chemical Emergencies – Being Notified
37. Chemical Emergencies – Evacuation
38. Chemical Emergencies – Tips
39. Nuclear Blasts – Fallout, Pills
40. Nuclear Blasts – Preparedness
41. Nuclear Blasts – During
42. Nuclear Blasts – After

43. Disaster Supply Kit (DSK)
44. DSK - Water
45. DSK - Food
46. DSK - First Aid
47. DSK - Tools & Supplies
48. DSK - Special Items
49. DSK - Clothing & Bedding
50. Purifying Water – 4 Methods
51. Disaster Aftermath

52. About
53. Support
54. Fast Search

No Ads, No In-App purchases and nothing else that will annoy! Landscape & Portrait modes supported. 

Disasters Hit When You Least Expect It.

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Disaster Readiness Guide! Seen on TV and Reported in USA Today!

Disasters hit when you least expect it and this guide will help you and loved ones be ready to rebound from almost any DISASTER quickly and safely. 

With over 275,000 Disaster guides in print there’s no doubt we’ve been delivering content that is proven, reliable, and bang on to-the-point. Now this great content is available for your phone at over 80% off our hard-copy price! 

Offline Access! In a disaster there will always be a chance wireless communications and/or the internet will be unavailable. Googling wont be possible. By having this content local on your phone means it will be available whenever and wherever you need it. Be ready and be safe.

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New Mom Guide App! A mobile reference guide for NEW moms!

Now with even More Content! Becoming a new mom is truly an amazing time but it can also be extremely lonely when you don’t have people around that can answer the many questions you have, or relate to all the new things you’re going through!

Our New Mom reference guide helps to fix this and covers everything you need to know from visiting your doctor, the baby’s doctor, delivery, labor, feeding and the caring of your baby, and more. Its also a great reference for new Dads too!

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2012 Q3 Mobile Device Survey

It just came in.   Its Free.   Android is making traction!

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#1 selling mobile First Aid & Treatment Guide App

First Aid & Treatment Guide

#1 selling mobile First Aid & Treatment Guide! Now with the latest 2012 CPR updates for the untrained, trained and health care professionals. Our First Aid & Treatment guide is packed full of useful information to help you handle & treat common emergencies.